Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science,
   University of Lincoln, Lincoln, U.K.

Faculty, Athens International Masters Program in
Neuroscience, Dept of Biology, University of Athens, Greece

Associate Editor, Cognitive Computation

Associate Editor, Scholarpedia

Email: vcutsuridis AT lincoln DOT ac DOT uk

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Welcome to Vassilis' home page
I am a researcher and lecturer at the interface between computer science and neuroscience, focusing on computational neuroscience, and machine learning. After a detour through the software industry, I returned to academia in 2006, first as a Research Fellow at the University of Stirling, UK, then as a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Memory and the Brain, Boston University a Lecturer at King's College London and a Senior Scientist at FORTH. Since May 2017 I've joined the School of Computer Science of the University of Lincoln as a Senior Lecturer.
Current PhD Students
PhD (2019-22)
Nikolaos Andreakos
Neurocomputational models of memory formation in the mammalian hippocampus
PhD (2018-21; co-supervised w Dr Shigang Yue)
Fang Lei
Bio-inspired Collision Detection with Image Enhancement Algorithms in Dim Light Scenes
PhD (2017-20; co-supervised w Dr Shigang Yue)
Xuelong Sun

A unified neural model explaining optimal multi-guidance coordination in insect navigation
Current Master-By-Research Students
MRes (2020-22)
James Sewell
Statistical Signal and Machine Learning Algorithms for Analysis, Recognition and Classification of Nystagmus Waveforms
MRes (2018-20)
Toby Reed
Word Embeddings in a Literature-Based Discovery System
Selected publications
Cutsuridis V, Jiang S, Dunn M, Rosser A, Brawn J, Erichsen J. (2021). Neural Modeling of Antisaccade Performance of Healthy Controls and Early Huntington's Disease Patients. Chaos, in press. Cutsuridis V. (2019). Improving the recall performance of brain mimetic microcircuit model. Cognitive Computation, Cutsuridis V. (2019). Memory Prosthesis: Is It Time for a Deep Neuromimetic Computing Approach? Front. Neurosci. 13:667. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2019.00667.
Cutsuridis V. (2017). Behavioral and computational varieties of response inhibition in eye movements. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B, 372: 20160196.